About the Site

Race is one of the most divisive concepts today.  I just wanted to make a site to help mend the division. 

Through my own personal experiences and observations, I hope people can see the world through my eyes and develop a better understanding of how race impacts us in our everyday lives.

Purpose of the Site
The content on this site is geared towards helping people from many backgrounds understand the more hidden forms of racism, and clarify some of the more complex concepts of racism.

Just come here with an open mind, expect a challenge to your thinking. I will as well.

Maybe somewhere in between we could meet and work something out.

Method to Achieving Racial Understanding
The material you read on this site is based on life experience, observation, news, every-day conversations, books and academic research journals

If you're searching for something, use the "Search function" or visit a link under the "Topics" section which when clicked on will list all posts on this site related to your topic of interest.

Otherwise, the seminal posts on this site are as follows:

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  2. First Memories and Episodes with Race in 1990s Los Angeles 
  3. The Only Filipino I Saw in US Media While Growing Up
  4. Oh, Now There Are Filipino Male Role Models
  5. Explaining the Social Infrastructure of White Privilege Through an Urban Planning Metaphor
  6. A Way to Understand American History
  7. The Racial Identity of Your Favorite Sports Protagonist Does Matter
  8. Responding to Justifications of the Compton Cookout
  9. Breaking Down the Falsities of Texas Public School Social Studies' Curriculum
  10. We Hold These Rights Inalienable:  The Right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Ignorance