Dynamics of the Perception of People of Color Sticking Together

An original version posted on 8/19/2003 as "Friendster: The Asian Thing to Do! :karate chop:" @throwascrewinit.blogspot.com

People of the same race, whether white, Asian, black, Latino generally stick together.

This tending of people within their racial groups whether white people or people of color towards each other is about developing a trust. People generally trust whoever looks like them, grows up around them. That trust and rapport is important in such a society as the urban United States because it helps connect strangers in an otherwise polarized, individualized, impersonalized society.

For example, when buying a car, my dad will automatically go towards the car salesman who happens to be Filipino. Not that he’s racist, but he can automatically and instantly build a connection with the salesman who happens to be Filipino by just speaking the native Tagalog.

The best way to eliminate dependency on race?

Connect with strangers. But that takes time. These stereotypes are something only gradual assimilation into society via more media exposure, and people of color acquiring powerful positions in society and bringing more visibility and confidence for youth of color to align themselves with.

Hopefully continued media exposure, and thus varied opinion and positions of authority can help dissipate the stereotypes that are associated with people of color.

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